What is the impact of IPV on Children?

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What is the impact of IPV on Children?

Randi's House of Angels (RHOA) Podcast
Randi's House of Angels (RHOA) Podcast
What is the impact of IPV on Children?


Content: The impact of domestic violence regarding age, long-term, relationships – mother, father, siblings, future intimate partner, etc.

Facilitator: Sherry Peters

Guests: William Kellibrew IV

William Kellibrew IV is a global advocate for civil, human, women, children, and victims’ rights. He is a sought-after speaker on trauma-informed care, violence prevention, and strategic planning. At age 10, William witnessed the murders of his mother, Jacqueline and 12-year-old brother, Tony, in their family living room in 1984, by his mom’s ex-boyfriend. The killer took his own life that day, but not before making William beg for his life at gunpoint. In this podcast, William shares his personal and professional journey of healing and resiliency. From experiencing multiple childhood traumas including domestic violence and childhood trauma, William has emerged as a global advocate and authority on addressing violence and trauma throughout multiple systems and settings.


Information about Mr. Kellibrew: https://www.childresource.org/william-kellibrew-iv

His book “Resilient Rose”: https://resilientrosememoir.com/


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