Our Mission

Our Mission

The Board of Directors for Randi’s House of Angels is dedicated to helping all children of domestic violence and their loved ones who are exposed to and/or are victims of domestic violence.

The Board is committed to making sure to protect the integrity of children and assuring an opportunity to grow up in a safe environment.

How it Began:

Randi’s House of Angels was established in October 2011 by Nancy J. Chavez as a tribute to her daughter, Randi Trimble, who was brutally murdered on January 10, 2003 by a hit man hired by her own husband. Since her daughter’s death, Nancy has been advocating for victims of domestic violence with the hope of creating a resource for children who are also victims of domestic violence.

Nancy created Randi’s House of Angels (RHOA) to fulfill her dream of helping children and families who are exposed to and/or are victims of domestic violence.

In 2005, before RHOA was founded, Nancy established credibility in the community by creating Randi’s Race: a 5K Run/Walk for Hope and Courage. Over the past fourteen (14) years, Randi’s Race has raised more than $423,000. Because of the generous support of the community, funds raised through events and sponsorships have been donated to the four local Domestic Violence Agencies to support programs and services for children. These include Randi’s Kidz Club, a twelve-week therapeutic group for children who have experienced domestic violence, at Domestic Violence Intervention of Lebanon County; and Randi’s Camp, a three-day interactive summer camp held in Cumberland County each July.

Nancy has always aspired to raise funds to support the local domestic violence shelter that provides a 24-hour toll-free hotline as well as access to emergency shelter, legal advocacy and counseling for all domestic violence victims. The organization is supported by 14 key board members who have expertise in law, marketing, accounting, sociology and child psychology, strategic planning and financial growth opportunities. The board continues to seek out resources and guidance in managing charitable funds and growing the assets of the organization.

Over the past 9 years, Randi’s House of Angels has established itself as a highly visible service agency, partnering with four (4) comprehensive and domestic violence programs throughout central Pennsylvania. These programs include the YWCA of Greater Harrisburg, the YWCA of York, Domestic Violence Intervention of Lebanon County, and the Domestic Violence Services of Cumberland and Perry counties (DVSCP).

The services provided by Randi’s House of Angels will include trauma-informed services, both individual and group therapies to help traumatized children. RHOA will provide these therapies in each of the community partner programs for children who have experienced domestic violence. A three-day summer camp will be offered to each of the community partner programs for children who have experienced domestic violence.

Domestic violence is a social, economic and health concern. Witnessing or experiencing domestic violence has a tremendous effect on how children develop and grow. The earlier one can intervene, the less likely children will face physical, behavioral, and emotional wounds.

Randi’s House of Angels will help children, family members and survivors find ways to recognize how domestic violence impacts them. We pledge that any child that enters Randi’s House of Angels will receive love and compassion to learn how to cope with domestic violence and live a better life.