Our Programs

Our Programs

Randi’s Teen Group

In January 2021, Randi’s Teen Group was launched for teens ages 13-16, with a focus to provide a safe place for teens to connect, learn psychoeducational skills and tools and engage in peer social interaction. Read more

Randi’s Camp for Hope and Courage

Randi’s Camp of Hope and Courage is dedicated to providing a compassionate and positive experience for children who experience and/or witness domestic violence in the home. The Camp runs from 8:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. each day and is held at an undisclosed location. There is no cost for the camp. Download an application here. If interested, please contact us for information on future Randi’s Camp dates.

Randi’s Kidz Club – Therapeutic Children’s Group

Randi’s Kidz Club is a therapeutic group for children ages 8 to 13 who have experienced domestic violence. Randi’s Kidz Club is free for all children.

It is an ongoing (10-week) interactive group focused on helping children express feelings and emotions through games, art therapy, and relaxation techniques. Read more

Randi’s Klubhouse

We’ve partnered with The Center for Hope and Healing for a program for children ages 5-7! Randi’s Klubhouse blends emotional and art therapy, and psychoeducation to children using kind, gentle and playful interactions for children ages 5-7. The program involves non-violent parents or caretakers. We hosted our first Randi’s Klubhouse this past summer. If interested in the next program, please contact us for information on future Randi’s Klubhouse dates.