Losing Randi

The Murder of Randi Trimble

Nancy Chavez with daughter Randi Trimble at Graduation

Randi Trimble was my 28-year-old daughter who was savagely killed by her husband and his coworker on January 10, 2003.

While Randi was planning for a family, her husband was plotting to kill her to inherit a $100,000 insurance policy.

Both men are serving life sentences with no chance of parole.

When I lost my daughter, I had no reason to live. But with the support of my friends and family I slowly began to heal.

Each day is a challenge. But I began Randi’s Race in 2005, Restoring Our Souls in 2006 and then Randi’s House of Angels in 2011.

Throughout the years, I found that educating young women about domestic violence was only part of my challenge. I needed to help the children who are the often-forgotten victims.

Randi’s House of Angels was created in her memory.

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