Do people successfully leave their abuser?

Randi's House of Angels (RHOA) Podcast Episode 6 - Do people successfully leave their abusers? - cover art

Do people successfully leave their abuser?

Randi's House of Angels (RHOA) Podcast
Randi's House of Angels (RHOA) Podcast
Do people successfully leave their abuser?


Content:  Queen Afi Gaston will discuss how victims continue to repeat the cycle of domestic violence. Including a candid account of a survivor’s story and her experience in being victimized and becoming the abuser. Her experience will give you a perspective on how victims migrate through the different stages of surviving and are challenged to “break the cycle” of domestic violence.

Facilitator: Dr. Ellen Smith

Guests: Queen Afi Gaston

Queen Afi is an accomplished moderator for community and ministry events, a renowned blogger, and a motivational speaker on social issues of domestic violence and mental health. She is the host of two educational internet-based talk shows, The Abusers’ Side Education and The Brokenness to Boldness Survivor Stories; and has interviewed over one hundred survivors’ victims and abusers combined (male, female, and youth).


Domestic Violence Wears Many Tags website: https://dvwmtsorg.godaddysites.com

DVWMT & Queen Afi Videos:



Queen Afi Quotes: “Don’t approach the apparent problem as the problem; approach the problem as the logical solution.” and “I am keen enough to genuinely know that emotional trauma doesn’t forgive unapologetically. Trauma breeds apologies.”

Music in this episode is:  “Adding the Sun” by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
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