Published Works

Published Works

Stabbed in the Heart: Three Murdered Children, Two Resilient Mothers

Nancy and Lynn…

In a new book, two courageous women share their heartbreaking stories of the murders of their only children.

Randi, 28, stabbed to death by a hit man hired by her husband in 2003.

Jen and Dave, 10 and 8, stabbed to death by their father on Christmas Day 1994.

Walk with these two devastated women as they experience the worst day of their lives and ponder their futures as mothers without children.

The stories are heartfelt, powerful and, at times, difficult to read.

Somehow from the depths of their despair, they uncovered the focus, drive, and commitment to helping others that is their gift back to their children.

Their message is geared towards victims, survivors, media, clergy, family, friends, and the community.

Through the power of their stories, understand the impact of crime, the stages of grief, the struggles they endured on their unique journeys, and the importance of families and friends.

Be prepared to walk away feeling inspired.

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